Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch On Vidmate

Gone are the days of predictable storylines and restricted channels because the terrain of Television has experienced a trajectory. In the digital world visionary creators and streaming services have birthed a fair age of engaging narrative and different character shows that leave you wanting more. But choosing the best one can be difficult among the plethora of options. No worries fellow TV buffers we have a solution. This curated guide presents the Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch. These 20 series promise to transport you to different worlds and leave a lasting impression. If you are ready to enter the world of entertainment then begin your journey with us!

Why We Watch TV Series?

Different people watch TV series for different reasons and the specific motivation can greatly depend on the show itself and the individual preferences. Most of them watch TV series for relaxation and entertainment. Watching a famous series can create a sense of connection with others and a shared experience. Some TV series often into diverse cultures and ways of life. This exposure can enhance the understanding of viewers about the world and foster empathy for others. 

Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch – An Integrated Guide

Here we explore the top 20 popular TV series but choosing the great one entirely depends on personal preferences because every person has their taste:

1- Breaking Bad:

It is the story of a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and turns to meth production to assure the future of his family. This emotional drama analyzes the themes of morality and the dark side of ambition with brilliance. The transformation of Bryan Cranston from an ordinary citizen to a ruthless kingpin is both enthralling and chilling and presents a phenomenal performance as Walter White.

2- The Wire:

This popular series dives into the complexities of the drug scene in Baltimore and delivers a realistic narrative of law enforcement and the community seized in the crossfire. Each season of this series focuses on diverse factors of the drug trade.

3- Mad Men:

This show analyzes the skilled and individual lives of a group of qualified and extremely impaired people. This series is set in the enchanting world of 1960s New York advertisements. 

4- Game of Thrones:

This series is founded on the fiction novels of George R.R. Martin and tempts the audience with its fantastic portrayals and incredible wrenches. The power effort extends across Westeros with political conspiracy and exhilarating combats. 

5- Chernobyl:

This popular show contains the true story of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster with emotional resonance and chilling accuracy. It highlights the sacrifices made by people in the face of incredible danger.

6- The West Wing:

It is also one of the Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch. It is a brilliant drama that takes observers inside the messy world of the White House. This show follows the unrealistic Jed Bartlet and his dedicated staff as they navigate personal challenges and complex political issues.

7-  Fleabag:

This is the narrative of a young woman steering life in London. The show embarks on the theme of sorrow and family dynamics with honesty and moments of real susceptibility. Its unique storytelling style makes it a highly recommended series.

8- The Good Place:

This show is about a gratifying and mirthful investigation of the afterlife. In this display, a lady wrongly ends up in heaven and attempts to confirm she merits to stay. The series plunges into the philosophic queries about ethics and what it means to be a right person.

9- BoJack Horseman:

This series is an animated adult comedy that might seem carefree at first glimpse but under the animal covers lies a surprisingly deep inquiry of dismay and the scrabble for meaning.

10- Mindhaunter:

This exhilarating crime drama plunges into the minds of shady serial killers via discussions performed by two FBI agents in the 1970s.

11- The Crown:

This is the documented drama that represents the supremacy of Queen Elizabeth 2 of England. Each season focuses on specific decades and political and personal challenges faced by the Queen.

12- Succession:

This dark comedy was acted by the Roy family who are the owners of the entertainment empire and global media. Its sharp writing and complex characters make it one of the Top 20 Great TV Series You Must Watch.

13- Watchmen:

This show is based on the acclaimed graphic novel and explores themes of race and trauma through a complex perspective lens.

14- The Handmaid’s Tail:

This specific show describes a society where women are forced into reproductive captivity and delivers a chilling commentary on oppression.

15- Ted Lasso:

A widespread show that expresses the efforts of an American Football coach who conveys his positivity to an English Premier League Team.

16- Schitt’s Creek:

It is the gratifying story of a wealthy family who renounces everything and is compelled to migrate to a small town.

17- The Great British Baking Show:

It is the competition series that carries ignorant bakers together for a succession of themed challenges.

18- Stranger Things:

It is the story of a group of kids who discover a reserved world of secret horrifying varmints and government investigations.

19- Arcane:

It is a vibrant series based on the League of Legends video game and takes viewers to the spirited city of Piltover.

20-  Barry:

It is the story of a despondent hitman from the Midwest and he enters an acting class led by the vibrant Gene Cousineau.

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