The Top 15 Most-Disliked YT Music Videos 2024

YouTube is the most renowned streaming platform and appeared as a frontrunner in the field of streaming applications. While YouTube contains a massive library of music videos having millions of views and likes content reigns supreme where there exists a peculiar underbelly that the most disliked music videos. While millions flock to share and like their favored beats others show their discontent through the power of the dislike button. But what is the reason for this dislikeness and which are the top disliked videos? Are you finding the answers to these queries then this is the most satisfactory place for you because here we explore The Top 15 Most-Disliked YT Music Videos in detail and you just need to pay heed to the following guide!

Why People Dislikes YT Music Videos?

Why do people dislike the videos of such a popular platform? There is no specific answer to this query or there is no specific fault in YouTube music videos. The dislikeness of videos may depend on individual preferences. It is necessary to remember that dislikes do not paint a singular picture. However, people might dislike videos for the following reasons:

Content Quality:

The video is poorly produced and has video/audio quality or simply not the viewers’ taste.

Personal Opinion:

The message and style of the video might offend or simply not resonate with the viewer. 


The title or thumbnail is misleading and does not reflect the authentic content.


Even if the video was initially liked repeatedly encountering the same video can lead to disturbance.

The Top 15 Most-Disliked YT Music Videos – Explained

Baby Shark Dance – 15.5 Million Dislikes

It leads to annoyance and oversaturation for many because this seemingly song for innocent children has unexpectedly become an earworm for many. Its constant presence online and repetitive nature might explain the dislikes. 

Sadak 2 Trailer – 13.8 Million Dislikes

This Bollywood film trailer received dislike for multiple causes including a perceived lack of originality and nepotism allegations towards the cast. Some people also dislike it due to the comparisons to the critically acclaimed official film.

Baby by Justin Bieber – 12.6 Million Dislikes

This song faced criticism for its perceived babyfication of the image of Bieber and its simplistic lyrics. However, suggesting a polarized audience response is also worth noting that it holds the record for most disliked and liked videos.

Johny Johny Yes Papa – 12.3 Million Dislikes

This nursery rhyme animation has been criticized for its potential for misinterpretation and perceived creepiness while it is seemingly harmless. 

Bath Song by Cocomelon – 9.64 Million Dislikes

Like others on the list, this children’s song suffers from repetition and overexposure potentially leading to annoyance for some viewers.

Learning Colors by Colorful Eggs on a Farm – 8.46 Million Dislikes

This is an educational video aimed at kids who might fall victim to similar problems as other content for children like overexposure and repetition. However, some found the animation style in this educational video.

Lakdi ki Kathi by Shemaroo Entertainment – 7.47 Million Dislikes

This is a Hindi devotion song and also received criticism for its lyrics for commercial purposes and perceived misuse of religious imagery. You can also count it in The Top 15 Most-Disliked YT Music Videos.

Wheels on the Bus by Cocomelon – 7.42 Million Dislikes

It is another Cocomelon entry and this traditional nursery rhyme might suffer from the same overexposure and repeating issues as other videos on the list. However, it is crucial to understand that dislikes do no necessarily reflect the quality of video for its intended audience.

Old Macdonald Had a Farm by Bounce Patrol – 7.38 Million Dislikes

It is another children’s poem and faces repetition and overexposure issues like other children’s content. Some users might find the animation style less appealing in this poem.

Can this Video Get One Million Dislikes? By PewDiePie – 7.29 Million Dislike

This is the video of PewDiePie YouTuber especially made to garner dislikes. It blurs the line between orchestrated negativity and genuine audience response.

Friday by Rebecca Black – 13.4 Million Dislikes

It is criticized due to poor production quality and perceived lack of talent. It sparked a debate about online bullying and manufactured pop.

Gangnam Style by PSY – 12.3 Million Dislikes

It is the song despite gaining immense popularity but some people disliked it due to the perceived repetitive nature and nonsensical humor.

YouTube Rewind 2020 – 11.3 Million Dislikes

It is criticized for ignoring social movements and major events of 2020 and further solidified perceptions of the Rewind Series.

As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber – 3.6 Million Dislikes

It receives dislikes for the perceived overuse of autotune and the vocals of Biebers at the time and also highlights the subjective nature of musical preferences and how trends can evolve.

Humpty the Train on a Fruits Ride by Kiddiestv Hindi – 7.34 Million Dislikes

This Hindi Video for children might again fall victim to issues of repetition and overexposure and potentially disturb some users. It also comes in the list of The Top 15 Most-Disliked YT Music Videos.

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