The Best Downloader for PC & Mobile to Download YouTube Videos 2024

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world and has been utilized by billions of people daily for various purposes like as watching the latest movies and educational content. YouTube guarantees that there is something for everyone and holds a massive library of content. But you always need an internet connection to navigate through YouTube. Many people who do not always have an active internet connection face difficulties due to the functionality of YouTube. This is the reason for the immense popularity of video downloader applications because they permit you to download your favored content while online and preserve it for offline viewing. But with so many options picking the finest one is challenging. Therefore, we analyze The Best Downloader for PC & Mobile to Download YouTube Videos in detail. Let’s embark on your journey of preserving YouTube videos with us!

What are the Functionalities of the Best Video Downloader Application?

The following steps help you to identify the best video downloader application:

Private Downloading:

Choose the one that offers you the attribute of private downloading without revealing your identity.


Check the compatibility of the video downloader with your preferred device and ensure the downloader you choose supports distinct platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Batch Downloading:

Some downloaders offer the functionality of downloading multiple videos simultaneously to preserve your precious time and effort.

Subtitle Downloading:

Pick the application that permits you to download subtitles beyond the video so that you can smoothly relish your favored foreign content.

Audio Extraction:

This attribute is given by very rare video downloaders. This attribute authorizes you to extract the audio from your favorite videos and is especially helpful when you save the storage space of your device.

The Best Downloader for PC & Mobile to Download YouTube Videos – For Mobile

Some of the famous YouTube video downloader apps for Mobile devices are as follows:


It is one of the most prevalent video downloader apps and is utilized by millions of people. It elevates your downloading experience to the next level with its amazing attributes like built-in music and video player. It furnishes you with a massive library of content based on distinct genres like music and TV shows and you can smoothly look for any file from its search bar. The speed of downloading videos in Vidamte is very fast and it offers you advanced attributes like batch downloading and background downloading.


It is also a free YouTube video downloader like Vidmate. It contains the amazing attribute of a built-in browser and has an intuitive interface. You can also pick your desired quality and format in TubeMate according to your preferences and your device storage. You can choose to obtain YouTube videos in MP3 format but it needs an external video converter application and ask you to switch between the different apps.


It is another famous YouTube video downloader application that permits you to download content from various platforms in addition to YouTube like Facebook and Instagram like Vidmate. It has a straightforward interface that supports content on multiple genres and is specially designed for Android. You can also choose the quality in SnapTube before downloading the video. But if you are a movie buffer then this platform is not the perfect app for you because it has a limited movie collection. 

The Best Downloader for PC & Mobile to Download YouTube Videos – For PC

Some of the best YouTube downloader applications for PCs are as follows:

Video Proc

An ideal option for those who are looking for a quick and simple video-downloading solution. It is more than just a video downloader and also permits you to edit and convert your videos into different formats. 

YT Download Video

It is the choice for those who want to download videos only from YouTube and it does not support other platforms. It permits you to download your favorite music and videos for free when you are online.


It is the most famous video downloader website supports large platforms beyond YouTube and also holds large formats. 


It is also a video downloader application specially designed for PC and Laptop users and authorizes you to safely and smoothly download videos on the web by just pasting the link of the video. also lets you choose the video resolution. 

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

It is the application most famous due to its quality options. It lets you download videos into 4K and supports more than a thousand websites. Another fantastic thing is that it enables its users to enjoy in an uninterrupted environment by blocking ads.


Is there an open-source video downloader for Mac and PC?

Yes, an Open Video downloader is regarded as a free open-source video downloader for both Mac and PC.

What if I have a Premium Subscription on YouTube?

If you have a premium subscription to YouTube then you do not need any video downloader app because you can smoothly download your desires directly from the official YouTube app.

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