Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2024 Updated

Are you ready to go on a thrilling voyage through the captivating and diverse world of Netflix India? If yes, get ready because in this article we will explore the Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2020 Updated in detail. This site offers a treasure collection of series that meet every fancy ranging from exhilarating action movies to provoking dramas. Deciding where to start can be difficult due to so many options. This guide navigates you across different categories and acts as your trusty compass. Let’s begin your voyage to explore Netflix India with us!

Understanding About Netflix India

It is the Indian assistant of the widespread streaming service Netflix. It presents a huge library of content ranging from movies to TV shows and documentaries to web series. It provides content specifically catering to Indian audiences. The content on Netflix India may vary due to regional regulations and licensing agreements, unlike the global library. Here are some key features of Netflix India:

  • It provides international content and Indian originals in different categories like comedy and action.
  • It provides multilingual support including English and Hindi.
  • It provides dubbed and subtitle versions for many international shows and movies to make them accessible to a wider audience.
  • It works on a subscription-based model with different tiers presenting simultaneous screen viewing options and different levels of video quality.
  • It provides wider compatibility and you can access it through various devices including Smartphones and Laptops.
  • Netflix India also authorizes you to download your favored series for offline viewing.
  • It plays an important role in shaping the Indian entertainment terrain because it promotes original content creation and presents Indian stories to a broader audience.
  • It provides a simple interface and faces competition from other international and local streaming platforms.

Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2020 Updated – Explained

The preferences of one person might change from another so here we discuss the 15 popular series currently available on Netflix India in different genres:


Khakee: The Bihar Chapter:

This series follows a ruthless purpose of justice amid political intricacies and societal stresses of a police officer based on true events.


It is also a story of a police officer investigating a missing teenager in the misty hills of Kasauli, revealing dark secrets and facing personal demons.

Delhi Crime Season 2:

This famous drama returns with DCP Vartika Chaturvedi facing a new case while navigating societal constraints and family dynamics.


Gullak Season 3:

In this popular drama the Mishra family continues their hilarious misadventures and relatable struggles that celebrate everyday life.

Mighty Little Bheem’s Playtime:

An incredible series that highlights the experiences of the most robust youngster around the world as he ventures on school challenges with friendship and integrity.

Masaba Masaba Season 2:

Fetch a glimpse into the real lives of actress Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta as they face professional and personal obstacles.


Yeh Meri Family:

Cohere the weird Sharma family in their accessible and unique qualities that deliver satisfying and comical moments.

The Office:

This Indian adaptation of the British classic gives a fresh take on the mirthful tricks of Michael Scott and his coworkers.


This series follows a divorced couple trying to spend a single life and co-parenting with humor and wit.

Action and Adventure

This section also comes in the Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2020 Updated:

Class of ‘83:

it is another popular series that comes in the action and adventure category. It is the story of the five police cadets who face personal challenges and strict training while understanding the meaning of comradeship and duty at the Mumbai Police Academy in the 1980s.

Taj Mahal 1989:

This series uncovers history through the story of tourists seized hostage at the iconic Taj Mahal and a unique blend of facts and fiction.

Selection Day:

This series witnessed the journey of two brothers from Bihar as they sought to accomplish their aim of playing cricket for India.


House of Secrets:

The Burari Deaths: This amazing documentary dives into the creepy mass killing of eleven members of the Burari Family in Delhi.

Ananda Bhavan: India’s Art History:

This documentary takes a stunning voyage through the evolution of Indian art from stylish masterworks to old den paintings.

Bad Boy Billionaires: India:

This mysterious series analyzes the story of the complex world of corporate power and contentious Indian business barons. 

Wrapping it Up

While this comprehensive guide has presented Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2020 Updated remember it is merely a gateway to a universe of engaging content waiting to be explored. You can find the series in different categories like Action and Comedy on Netflix India. Choosing the best series entirely depends on individual preferences. Do not limit yourself to these 15 entrances and explore a world of adventure in Netflix India.

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