5 Best Sites for Funny Videos For Vidmate APP

Sometimes all we need is a fine laugh to hunt away the sadness that life flings at us. Laughter not only enhances our mood but also boosts social bonds and heightens our immune system. And what if we find a dose of humor on the video sharing or streaming platforms? In the modern world, the digital market is full of millions of applications, and picking the most amusing one can be challenging. But no worries fellow fun lovers, we have a key as ever. In this exhaustive guide, we explore the 5 Best Sites for Funny Videos. You just need to start your voyage with us to explore the ways of entertainment.

Age-Based Preferences for Funny Videos

Here are some common trends in the kinds of funny videos that people of distinct ages enjoy:

Children and Young Teens

Exaggerated facial expressions and slapstick are famous among young viewers. Simple storyline and visual appeal resonate well with children and funny clips of animals doing silly things also entertain children. Mostly younger audiences prioritize the videos on TikTok or Vine because these are quick and easy to digest.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Videos that illustrate common scenarios like dating mistakes and awkward academic situations are most favored among teenagers and young adults. Also, funny and harmless pranks can be entertaining for this age group. Humorous videos and shorts are a popular way among Young Adults to pass the time and share laughs with friends. 


A great way to laugh at adults is by viewing professional comedians perform their routines. Videos can be appealing to adults that poke fun and current events or social trends, especially for those who enjoy clever commentary. Sometimes this age group likes videos of people making mistakes or having unpredictable accidents.


The humor that is free of vulgarity or offensive content is mostly liked by seniors. For older viewers, clever jokes that play with words can be intellectually compelling. The videos that showcase acts of gratifying or kindness can be emotional and uplifting for seniors.

5 Best Sites for Funny Videos – Explained


YouTube is the undisputed king of online video and needs no introduction. However, it is a little bit tricky to find the most amusing videos or search for laughs. Here, we discuss how to navigate the funny videos on YouTube:


Subscribe to comedy channels like CollegeHumor and Good Mythical Morning for original sketches and mirthful commentary. 


Analyze the trendy section to uncover the rising star in the comedy world and for viral hits. 

Specific Searches:

Get familiar with your searches and use keywords like Funny Animal Compilation and Bloopers and Fails to discover your niche.

Curated Playlists:

YouTube furnishes its users with readymade playlists like Funny Pranks and Fails and Laugh Out Loud. For curated collections of chuckles dive into these.


It is also a famous platform and runs the front page of the internet to entertain users with its humor shines through subreddits like: 


It is the general hub for memes and jokes even funny videos from all over the internet.


With the upvote system highlighting the most prevalent ones it authorizes you to uncover a mix of funny and serious videos.


It gives you most funniest videos of animals like cats getting tangled in yarn and dogs chasing their tails. These types of videos are especially loved by children.


The videos often lead to laughable results that take unexpected turns like suddenly taking a comedic detour in the everyday situation. Be prepared for anything from gratifying moments to pranks gone sinful.


It presents a unique alternative, especially for video seekers, and is most prevalent in Europe. It holds hidden gems waiting to be discovered by comedy enthusiasts. You can also count it in the 5 Best Sites for Funny Videos. Here is what we expect from Dailymotion:

European Comedy Scene:

Delve into a distinct comedy perspective with content from European creators and comedians.

Focus on Quality:

Dailymotion is most famous due to its HD-quality productions compared to some uploaded content on YouTube.

Curated Collections:

You can freely explore curated playlists dedicated to a specific humor genre like Funny Music Videos.


This platform is known for its viral memes and supplies a quick comicness experience. Here is how to tap into its comedian prospect:

Trending Feed:

Permits you to scroll through the latest trending memes and GIFs for a quick laugh break.

Tags and Categories:

You can easily examine categories like Animal and Gaming even more to uncover specific types of humor.

Interactive Attributes:

It enables you to comment and share your favored content with friends to expand your humor network.

Funny or Die

It is a platform for online comedy and continues to deliver engaging comedic talent. Here is what you can expect from Funny or Die:

Original Sketches:

It furnishes you with mirthful sketches by widespread names like Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell.

Curated Collections:

It authorizes you to navigate curated playlists like Web Series Worth Watching and Funny Music Videos.

Exclusive Content:

Discover content you would not see anywhere else BTS interviews and original shows.

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