How to WhatsApp Status Download from vidmate in 2024

Have you ever wished to save the WhatsApp status forever and scrolled through a mirthful one? If yes, then you are at the most satisfactory place because here we provide you the complete information on WhatsApp Status Download. WhatsApp status is a quick manner to view the current updates of your close ones. In the original WhatsApp, you could not save the status of any individual and they disappeared after 24 hours. But no worries because we provide you with many methods of downloading WhatsApp statuses for Android/iOS and Web. Let’s venture on your voyage with us!

Why Do People Need to Download WhatsApp Statuses?

People can download WhatsApp statuses if they want to save a heartwarming family update or a funny video from a friend. Users can also compile inspirational quotes or other meaningful statuses for future entertainment or references. Some might download statuses for creating a record of important memories or updates and for personal archival. It is mostly used by those people who have limited internet access and they download statuses for offline viewing and entertainment.

 Downloading might allow people to create a more accessible version if someone finds the status format unsuitable. If you want to ensure that you do not forget important information then you can also download statuses for future reference. However, it is necessary to take permission from the creators and utilize this attribute responsibly.

WhatsApp Status Download – For Android

People can use distinct methods to download WhatsApp statuses on their Android devices. Some of them are as follows:

File Manager Magic

  • The most common method of downloading WhatsApp status is through your File Manager. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to save status using your file manager:
  • Enable the option to show hidden files in your file manager application.
  • Navigate to the WhatsApp Media folder in the internal storage and then Statuses.
  • Find the videos and photos you want to save and move them or copy them to a separate folder on your device for safekeeping.

Third-Party App Convenience

Some people find it convenient to download WhatsApp statuses through third-party applications like Vidmate and Status Saver. Pick the one with good reviews and a trusted developer. Follow the instructions of the app and grant any necessary permissions like storage access. Here is a method for downloading status through Status Saver on Android:

  • Foremost, download the Status Saver app and open it.
  • Tap OK and then Grant Permission.
  • Choose Use This Folder and then Allow.
  • Open the one from the viewed status you want to download in full screen.
  • Initiate by clicking the download icon after opening the status.
  • Your video will automatically save on your Android device after completing the download procedure.

WhatsApp Status Download – For iOS

If you are one of the iPhone users and looking for ways to download WhatsApp statuses then you are in the perfect place. Here, we furnish you with different methods and you are free to utilize the one according to your convenience:

Utilizing Control Panel

  • Tackle WhatsApp on your iOS device and go to the settings option.
  • To open the Control center swipe down.
  • Click on the Screen Recording to initiate the process.
  • Let your favored status video record by opening it.
  • To stop the recording tap the red button when done.
  • Now, your desired video will be saved on your iOS device.

Third-Party Application

You can also utilize third-party applications to download your preferred status videos like WhatsSave and Status Saver. Pick a trustworthy website or one with good reviews. Follow the permission prompts and install the app carefully. Within the app browse statuses and choose the one you want to download. Follow the specific instructions of the application to save the status on your device.

WhatsApp Status Download – WhatsApp Web

You can also download WhatsApp status by utilizing the web but downloading WhatsApp status online needs an extra QR code scanning device. If you want to try it yourself then follow the below steps:

Open any web browser or Google Chrome and visit

Go to settings on your phone and choose WhatsApp Web by opening the WhatsApp.

By utilizing your phone scan the QR code on your PC by opening your WhatsApp account on your PC.

Besides the new chat option in the left-right corner tap the Status icon.

Choose the status of the contact you desire to download and open it.

Click on the video and select Save Video as or Save Image as.

Choose the desired location for your video on your PC and tap on Save.


WhatsApp Status Download on different devices like Android/iOS and Web requires a simple process but handling them with care is essential. It is a good thing to ask the creator before downloading the status. If you face any issues in managing the WhatsApp statuses then you are free to ask us in the comment section.

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