How To Recover Deleted Videos on Android Phone from Vidmate APP

If you are one of those who accidentally deleted a precious video downloaded on your Android phone and groped a sinking feeling? If yes, then no worries fellow media buffers. While recovering deleted data can seem a difficult task it does not require so much effort. This explained guide dives into the different procedures to retrieve those disappeared videos from the clasps of deletion or How to Recover Deleted Videos on Android Phone from Vidmate in detail. You just ought to start your voyage with us!

Android Storage and Video Deletion – Understanding the Battleground

First, comprehend how data behaves on your Android phones before delving into recovery techniques. The video usually gets stored in the internal storage of a phone or an external SD card when you download a video utilizing a video downloader application. It mostly depends on your settings and available space. You can face the invisibility of video in your gallery app because deleting a video removes its pointer from the filesystem. However, the actual data provides a window of opportunity for recovery because it might still reside on the storage media for some time. 

Protect your Videos – Prevention is the Key

While recovering deleted videos is possible it is always better to protect your data. Here are some prevention measures that you can utilize to save your precious data:

Enable Cloud Backup:

Many video downloader applications present cloud storage options to automatically back up downloaded videos. 

Transfer to External Storage:

To free up internal space and minimize accidental deletion regularly move downloaded videos to cloud storage or an external SD card.

Use a File Manager:

To comprehend how video files are organized and where they are located, explore the storage of your phone by utilizing a file manager.

How to Recover Deleted Videos on Andriod Phone from Vidmate App – Ultimate Guide

As Vidmate itself does not have a built-in recently deleted folder we can utilize other procedures to retrieve those precious videos:

Google Photos

You might find your deleted videos if you have boosted the sync and backup attribute in Google Photos before the failure. Google Photos is a typically employed method for recovering yielded videos from any device.

Temporary Storage Locations

Windows PC and Laptop:

If you have suddenly deleted any video then check the recycle bin. If you found your desired video there then retrieve it.


The macOS devices also provide you with the Trash folder to retrieve the deleted videos.

iPhone and iPad:

You can discover the recently deleted folders in the photo application and retrieve them for iPhone and iPad devices.


One of the most demanded questions is How to recover data for Android devices. You can find the trash or recently deleted folder in the gallery application. These are the first places where you can easily find the deleted videos and retrieve them back to their normal location for further use.

Data Recovery Software

If you have not found the video in the above-mentioned places they might still be present on the computer hardware or the memory of your device. You are also free to use data recovery software to retrieve them. Some steps to retrieve data are as follows:

  • To prevent overwritting the deleted videos stop utilizing the affected disk drive or device.
  • For better chances of success perform data recovery as soon as possible after deletion.

Here is a detailed guide on how to retrieve deleted videos from the Vidmate APP application:

1- Check the Recently Deleted Folder

  • Foremost, open your Gallery or video downloader application.
  • Then, scroll down to Albums.
  • Uncover or search the Recently Deleted or Trash folder.
  • Select the video you want to discover by browsing through the listed videos.
  • Click the Restore button or a similar option.

2- Backup your Device

  • Prevention is the key to avoiding future data loss so always save your data.
  • Google Drive or an external Hard drive is used to save backup of your data so regularly backup of your Android device to minimize the risks.

Popular Data Recovery Apps

Here are some popular data recovery apps for Android devices you can also utilize them:


It is a versatile and free app that presents both basic and advanced scans.

EaseUS MobiSaver:

It is also popular for the comprehensive recovery of different file types including videos.


It is a widespread Desktop application but also supplies a mobile version to meet the recovery preferences of a wider audience.


It is also very popular due to its preview and deep scan functionalities. 


Losing precious videos can be frustrating but do not lose hope! How to Recover Deleted Videos on Android Phone from Vidmate App? It is a renowned query nowadays.  In the above guide, we provide the solution for this popular query and several other methods to retrieve your precious data. It is necessary to take the regular backup of your data on an Android device to minimize the risks of data loss.

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