How to Increase Download Speed on Vidmate App 2024

If you are tired of watching videos online due to buffering and searching for the best app to download your favored content without any interruptions? If yes, then this is proven to be the most acceptable place for you. Here we discuss Vidmate and How to Increase Download Speed on Vidmate App. You should require an excellent app containing unlimited benefits and rich features if you wish to relish a seamless video streaming experience. Additionally, it supports more than 16 different types of languages including Hindi and English so that you can pick the most understandable according to your preferences and enjoy streaming most finely. It also provides the capability to watch your favored content without an internet connection.

Interesting Features of the Vidmate Application

You must understand the interesting attributes of Vidmate before delving into the fast downloading process if you are a new user. So that you can relish the Vidmate application in the best way:

User Interface:

Vidmate contains a straightforward interface so that people of every age can smoothly appreciate it from beginner to expert and does not demand any technical expertise. 

Batch Downloading:

If you are tired of setting individual videos for downloading then try Vidmate APK. It permits you to download multiple videos at the same time with no effort or interruptions.

Background Downloading:

This attribute of Vidmate authorizes you to download videos while utilizing other applications on a single device. It enables you to not be restricted to a single application.


It supports a broader range of platforms including YouTube and other popular apps like Facebook and Dailymotion.

Private Browsing:

Vidmate takes care of your privacy and furnishes you with quality private browsing. So that you can hide your data, especially from curious friends.

Audio Extraction:

If you want to save your device space then Vidmate allows you to extract audio from your favored videos. It not only extracts audio from the video but also allows you to obtain audio separately.

Night Mode:

If you want to reduce eye strain while working at night then Vidmate holds this feature. Night mode converts your bright theme into darker and you can also set a timer for automatically converting light mode into dark mode.

Built-in Browser:

People generally copy the link of their desired videos from different platforms and paste them into the application for downloading. But Vidmate eliminates the need to switch different apps by giving you the built-in search feature.

How to Increase Download Speed on Vidmate App – Step-by-Step Guide

The procedure of increasing the download speed on the Vidmate application is very simple and you need to just follow these simple steps:

Note: The download speed mainly depends on the speed of your internet connection. It is necessary to check the internet connectivity before making any changes to settings for fast downloading.

  • Foremost, open the Vidmate application and go to the Me tab.
  • Then tap on the first option that appears in the setting options.
  • Now, you need to go to Download Settings for further procedure.
  • Scroll down in the settings and find the fast download mode.
  • You ought to turn it on after finding it.
  • Now, change the fast download speed and set it to 4.
  • You will note that the downloading speed has become expressively higher than before after the completion of the above process.

How to Download Vidmate Application on Your Device

Whether on a mobile phone or laptop the process of downloading the Vidmate application is easy and requires simple steps:

  • Firstly, visit the official Vidmate application.
  • Search for the Vidmate APK application. You need to get the APK version from a trusted source because it is not officially present on the Google Play Store due to some issues.
  • Prepare your device by enabling Unknown Source because you cannot download Vidmate from the official App Stores.
  • Now, install it on your device by clicking on the downloaded APK file generally found in the downloads folder of your device.
  • Launch the Vidmate application after the completion of the installation by finding its icon on the home screen of your device.
  • Now, you are ready to download your desired videos through Vidmate.
  • You can either paste the link of your preferred video in the specific section of Vidmate and utilize its built-in search option that prevents you from switching between different apps.

Final Words

Everyone wants to preserve their precious time in today’s fast-paced world and asks the popular query How to Increase Download Speed on Vidmate App? The answer to this query is very simple and you just need to follow the above steps. It is crucial to understand your internet connection speed before making any changes in the settings because your download mainly slows down due to poor internet connection. So, first, check your internet connection and if the issue persists then enable the above setting.

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